Additional charge for more than one pet on the same canvas:

 $100 each additional pet on same canvas

 $ 75 each for 2 to 3 additional pets on same canvas

 $ 65 each for 4 or more pets on same canvas

*$150 minimum charge for people portraits added to the price of whichever canvas size chosen.
*Additional charge added for a more detailed background.

*Prices above are for acrylic mediums, Paintings in Oil medium will be slightly higher and take longer to dry so expect a longer delivery time. Can contact for prices in oil medium.

*I require a $75 non-refundable deposit before work begins, payment for that can be made by using the Buy Now button or when contacted I can email an invoice.

*Prices listed do not include shipping. Charges for shipping vary with size and destination usually between $15-$20. 


  • 8x10     $175
  • 9x12     $200
  • 11x14   $250
  • 12x16   $300
  • 14x18   $325
  • 16x20   $400
  • 18x24   $500
  • 20x20   $600
  • 24x24   $700
  • 24x30   $800

​​The best way to start your order and to get on my painting list is to contact me and reserve your spot in the queue. After you pay the $75 (non-refundable) deposit that goes toward the price of the painting your spot will be reserved. I will then be able to be in contact with you and discuss size and pricing and what kind of photos to send for your painting. Below is a list of sizes and pricing of the most popular ones, if you don't see a particular size listed be sure to ask for a quote for the size you are wanting. (See sample pics below for examples of what type of photos make a good painting)


  • 8x10     $150         
  • 9x12     $175
  • 11x14   $200
  • 12x16   $250
  • 14x18   $275
  • 16x20   $350
  • 18x24   $450
  • 20x20   $550
  • 24x24   $650
  • 24x30   $750


One Pet On Canvas Price:

Memorial Ashes Paintings

Here is some examples for the type of photos that will make a good pet portrait

One Pet On Canvas Price:

~ Traditional Style ~

Can Pay Deposit Here

Next step, Enjoy your very own custom piece of art!  I look forward to making your next or even first, custom painting of your furry family member or even you!


                                     Rebecca Blacksher

Moody Blue Signature Style

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~​Either Traditional or Moody Blue Style with your pets ashes lovingly added to the paint to create a unique and lasting  memorial painting. A great way to honor and cherish your furry family member~

One Pet On Canvas Price:

Rebecca Blacksher Art

Gift Cards Also Available

1.Original photo    2. I draw onto canvas    3. Finished painting

Getting Started

~Colorful paintings with bright and gorgeous highlights added in strategic areas to create a one of a kind painting!~

  • 8x10     $175-$200
  • 9x12     $200-$225
  • 11x14    $250-$300
  • 12x16    $300-$325
  • 14x18    $325-$350
  • 16x20    $400-$450
  • 18x24    $500-$550
  • 20x20    $600-$650
  • 24x24    $750-$850
  • 24x30    $900-$1000