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Moody Blue Signature Collection

Traditional Style

Rebecca Blacksher Art

A little background on the Moody Blue signature and how it came about. Rebecca's late husband had given her the nickname, "Moody Blue" after  a favorite Elvis song,(because he said her eyes were a moody blue color) And so as a special way to honor the late, Daniel Blacksher when she paints something other than her usual traditional style of painting she'll sign that piece under the name,Moody Blue. This is just another way that she honors the unique and special person in her life that had such a bright and loving, fun and colorful, one of a kind personality, and who also played a big role in Rebecca pursuing Art full time. It is also a way to separate her two very different styles of painting. She hopes that you enjoy these fun and whimsical paintings with the bright colors and designs as much as she enjoys creating them AND you can have a chance to enjoy your very own Moody Blue Signature painting in this very unique style with as much or as little of the vibrant colors added into your own custom painting, just send her a message on the contact form to get started.